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. like i said, since we've given him a head use up with the attack, what is really up? what are we really trying to prove? that chemical weapons are a no-no and never use them again on his people? well, okay. he switches to bombing and shooting them. aren't they still just as dead? isn't he still in power just the same to keep slaughtering? we've determined it's the humanitarian thing to do to intercede when dctators act inhumanly, but only how they kill their people, not whether they kill the people. chemical's office, but anytng else, not as awful. bashar, next time, use bullets. thank us in the mirren timee give you plenty of time to prepare for our missiles, donald rumsfeld on the dangers of administration promising it's quick and dirty when it could leave more questions than answers. secretary rumsfeld, great to have you. what do you make of this and why we're going to do this? >> it's difficult for someone on the outside to know, first of all, what's happening on the ground, and, second, what's in the mind of the administration. as you point out properly, the idea of demystifying wh
respects us. they love our music, they love our food and fashion, but when it comes to eating what we say and follow what we believe, they do not. and they won't. the past few days made that very clear. britain thumbs its nose at being another form conflict with us so count them out ofhe syria coalition. forget whether president obama has to do this one solo, ask why. in 2011 he helped marshall 21 countries to go after qaddafi. now should we go after assad? it has not even been over two years and nobody has our back as we try to cover theirs? what does that say about us? the russian president who toys with us over a spy who wants we want back but he will not give back. and a military which we have given millions reinvesting its interest with us. a saudi government assuring egypt they have their back in case the money stops flowing from us. the chinese government blasting our debt and investing less in us. a german chancellor who mocks our ways. a french prime minister who mocks us for being inconsistent. canadians who say we have abandoned them on a pipeline and we wonder why our coalitio
paul, sarah palin, d ted cruz and others, to have us be party to will lead us out of the mess we're in, we'll have 8 years of division, the us versus them, and have versus have-nots, we need to be the unifying party, the party that will look at american peopleell tm what they are going to do, how they are going to do it, i listen to intro you made, i know who i am a republican, i am a proud member of the party of lincoln, a fiscal conservative, national security hawk, i'll put my credentials of legislative business, military experience against anybody's in this country, and i'll be my own person, it is up to the voters to make the decision to who they want, do they want someone who will be divides for another 4 to 8 years or a uniter and a problem solver. neil: does that mean, that the rand pauls, the ted cruzs, the others who will not abide some rhino republicans, they are republican in name only, try to reach a hanna, cross get slapped back, are they divisive? are they a threat to party. >> there are extremes on both sides, i know rand very well. i have a lot of respect forim. neil:
sold, they ignored us in 2012, the fact is, i don't care what you call me, call me a tea partier but the message, and principles we're trying to deliver, you know who is coming over to our side, moderate democrats who are furious with the democratic party for lying to them about obamacare, they are starting to work with us. they refuse to fight, who can we trust? we can only trust ourselves, i think you will see that momentum coming out to fight. no matter what you call us. neil: all right, mainstream republicans call you dividers, they point to ronald reagan said he would rather get 80% of a loaf in a deal than no loaf at all, trying to move ball forward to then speaker tip o'neal. what do you think of that? >> well, i think it depends on what 30% you are not doing, if you are selling out to president obama's ideas on obamacare or big government or extends regulation or shutting down coal and corrupting people, then no, that is 30%, these cannot stand, you have to look at it from perspective. most people look at what is personal to them, what impacts me as a head of a working fa
could result in higher taxation for many u.s. corporations and the effective rates any more money coming into the government for him to use on infrastructure and biofuels and electric cars as a priority. neil: the follow-up did not happen. thank you, happily. a former speaker says it is unspeakable what the president is doing. but he isn't being serious about doing something big, keeping republicans out of the loop. making them look small. you know, yesterday was a game changing announcement and now we are back to the same old feeling. >> yes, sources say that he actually told the democrats to go out and defend obamacare and get people revved up. but you asked a pertinent question. small business just got hit in january on a huge tax increase. these are the guys that make $200,000 per year and they have a shop or a small business. some kind of franchise. they are seeking out a living and turning their money back into their corporations. those guys are getting hit. it is something that the president said yesterday that nominee picked up on. he said we are going to adjust individual income
. ending their bid to push aside and other union to represent this block. american airlines and u.s. airways are merging. apparently the teamsters didn't want to get into the middle of fighting with another union. or maybe the real reason is the teamsters that it wasn't worth the effort anyway. remember that it was rising labor costs are brought these two airlines together and that is no matter how many you have. because they aren't happy about that. and that is when we have a recovery. think what you will about. when things really slow down, you tell me that the customers probably don't say the heck with it. we shall probably see. customers now have the option for a fee of having their luggage shipped to their destination. but it sure beats the hassle. on now to our first guest. very good to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> what you make of that that america is not worth the fight right now. we don't want to get in the middle of this right now? >> i go back and forth to brazil. i am good friends with a lot of the folks on the flight and we talk about this issue. you basical
independence. he joins us. ve good to have you. >> thank you for inviting me on. neil: what do you think he is in for? kino this industry better than most on this planet. you talk aboutts potential online and the internet, what have you. can he tap that? >> i think so. i am not qualified to sit in judgment on the cyber talents of some one soul accomplished as the founder of amazon, but he must have in sites that would dilute meet. i think the comparison with the company is misleading. the letter that company up with aolossal amount of debt and then took an unconscionable length of time pealing of secondary assets. he sold the news in longgisland to the drolen family and a nice price, but he never did get around to the selling the chicago cubs and so forth. he just took too long and there was soup -- too much debt there. the head of but too much money into it. neil: and we did havehem all down a year later. having said that i'm curious about one thing. >> he's paying his own money for this. neil: absolutely, but i think what his point was, and having run a lot of newspapers yourself , it is
small business guys who seem to be collectively asking, what about us? why have we been left out of all this week's fun, guys? you can't blame them for being a little bitter, right? they weren't ones offered big tax cuts this week. they were not ones that were told their rates could be slashed to 25%. lot of them are stuck paying close to 40%. no one in washington offering them a break or so much as a bone. wonder why they are ticked and wonder why they are here and wonder why they want to vent. three of my favorite small business salt of the earth guys jumped at chance to set things straight a baker, caterer and pr executive. trying trying to make end meet and trying to figure out a washington that seems to forget they're even there. they're all with me now. i love these guys. david mack cart r at thursday, baker, butch somali and small biz pr expert got fame housley in the big guy's face. patty bruglio. you have no fear with all the attention to the big guys and not you guys. what do you think if. >> i think it's a wrong. i'm for corporate america getting tax cuts. great for the big g
and government sponsored hacking on us and all und the guise of protecting us. enough. now you're scariness. center mco rubioo but he makes of this controversial program and the fact that it is widening. he says it is a tough balance, that's for sure. >> osama bin lawn was calling someone in the united states, you wouldant to kno tt beuse i promise you waa not his stockbrroker on the other hand peoplneed to know and be comfortable that the government is not going to gather all thisnformation on them in one day in the future use against them. this is a legitimate issue. we should not trivialize that. balancing those two things is not an easy thing to do. i think what we are struggling with is a country is how would protect americans and also otect the individual lerty and privacy expectations. neil: by the way, th is the just of the fight. saying you know, we wan to protect ourselves and make sure that anothereptember 11th does not happen. invading our privacy goes too far. they're having a big food fight about it. where does this go? if your that we have n hear ba half of what the governmen
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to the bottom of it. now we find out they told us then, remember, it was over in may of 2012, completely done. we still have letters may 6th of 2013, just a few months ago. neil: have any of your clients -- i'm sorry, jordan. were you getting news for many of those that you represent that this was continuing? >> we knew that. starting in 2012, about march we started representing most of these groups. some are new with the new lawsuit, but most we have been representing cents over a year or close to a year-and-a-half. these groups were still waiting. we have a group, the albuquerque party. this group has been waiting over 1300 days. they applied december of 2009, and we are finding a from the irs it you were to apply today he would face the same kind of problems. what does it mean? they cannot solve correct. the irs does not what to do with these groups. we rejected that offer to get self approval that they try to offer the groups that were suing them, the ones we represent. and this is why, because the irs needs to be able to figure out how to answer the applications. yes or no. they refuse t
you for joining us. it. a great night. good night from new york. >> the president means it when he is says it is a phoney crisis as we hear those conservative groups of targeting are still going colin and they are still targeting the tea party groups three months after the first one down there not let teeing up and with these implications of the house ways and means committee chrman says they're still the focus what the irs agent called up the secondary because the agency has not come up with any new guidance on the concept of a follow-up on that tax status of such groups for now pretty much just much just conservative groups for now. with this same harassing it is just a phony scandal. said this is a phony. he is the one it keeps suing. it just kept running -- growing and growingnd growing. what do you make of this latest thing? >> it's amazing. we heard from the administratn early on to mothers day that ms. lerner annnunced, tomorrow marks three months since ms. lerner started this scandal when she answered what i think was a phony planted question by a friend of hers other legal
standpoint they do believe in us. he believes what government talks about when they call for it the republicans lacked courage and imagination. >> you know, you could just feel what he was doing. at least he was addressing those runaway thoughts. the same measure rejected in the house for republicans or afraid to bring it up for a vote. >> there are a lot of seats and why rockhe vote? the republicans site the amina. the guys go to washington and the first thing i noticed was it's impossible outside the beltway come along whether you want to hear it or not. he blew one to do the right things came in and they got swallowed up. it was the last top-down model. >> from your vantage point, it you are kind of like a rags to riches story. could you have done on no? kids starting out? >> i think we need to take a step back. >> to grab hold of someone who is going there. neil: donald trump took it to a new level, what do you think >> think a simple building permit from, i mean if you are in new york or california, a building permit to take you a year and a half or two years. 2.5 ye
harry, have you cheapened the debate, yourself and the president of the united states, those who use race to win an argument have to pack and g i said it before, i will say it again, i have no problem with the color of a politician's spent, i have a very big problem with the sickness of them, democrat, and republicans, on dangers of using race to make your case, good to have you back congressman. >> good to talk to you. neil: you were wooed to become a republican you had it with the double speak of democrats now hearing about latest charges that those who oppose president's agenda are secretly racist, what do you make of that and. >> the first thing i thought about neil, i heard harry reid's comes, remember that old commercial they had on the air, when we were kids, where the older brothers were take the cereal they didn't want and give it to mikey saying give it to mikey, he will eat anything, harry reid is give it to harry he will say anything about american politic, last year, harry reid of running around the country spreading unsubstanceiated rumors about mitt romney's taxes, ref
cash? the unions lose members fast, and they could sure use you and your cash. let's say you get 15 bucks, you won't, but say you do, what's their cut? don't fool yourself. after they get their way, they want their cut. what's it going to be? what are you left with? when you return to the fryer, what makes you think you are out of the frying pan and evil boss of yours, what makes you think his fortunes have not changed. you doubled the worker cost, and the union boss said you could afford it, but here's the truth, he can't. your boss owns a mcdonald's franchise, he's not thee mcdonald's franchise. his profit margins are thin. he has to think how to pay 15 buckssan hour to you and your coworkers. if that's a hit, there's fewer workers. say you survive that, you still work. does the union boss tell you there's a good possibility you will not work full-time? did he tell you about how the health care law put many fast food restaurant businesses making workers part-time? maybe you survive this because you're a fantastic worker. i'm sure you are. what about, though, customers you serve, t
people driving by us in madison had creative ways to curse at you. and me, but that was then, this is now, what do you think what is going on with what some call soul certaining in your party -- searching in your parties there others say worse. >> a healthy debate on important issues is healthy. who concerns me is this appears to be moving toward 2016, we have far too many elections coming up next year, we have 36 governor races, 22 republicans like myself, we have to maintain the house, we have a very real opportunity if we don't squander it to get u.s. senate back in republican hands again. it is time to focus on 2014. neil: others say, in party that et ceterit's not about winning l costs but whether the win is worth it, what do you make? >> i think you could win, and keep your principles in tact. we didn't back away. we took the case early on, in 2011, your poll numbers were in mid 30s but we kept bringing the case over and over again. and finally, brought the case, the choice was between the big government union bosses or hard working taxpayers, we made the point that we were standing
want to go. this feels like a do-or-die moment. do we want to stay with thing that made us greatest country in world or trying something different or fair. bargain for so-called middle class. >> i think that next election is a question of do the american people want a nanny state there is a belief everyone that deserves health care, is entitled to health care, and a house, and look we have over 7% unemployment. 46 million people on food stamps, 16 trillion debt. i think that american people need to make a decision what kind of country do they want, do they want one where everyone relies on the government, and takes care of them from trade tol--cradle to the grave? charles: fdr had a lot of the same things, you think about the timing, it feels like president is coming into same scenario, a big time recession, he tells people, we tried the free market. and capitalism we -- give it to me, i'll be you know we'll have a pa ter nallistic society but make sure it is fair. >> i don't think that american people want the life the julia where the government takes care of you in every area of y
privacy when they send messages -y their g mail acounci account. people who use web based e-mail cannot be surprised if their e-mails are processed by the recipient e-mail provider in cause of delivery, a person has no legitimate expectation of privacy in information he voluntarily turns over. >> hold it right there, if i was e-mailing joe smith, it is his e-mail. if i thought there was a conga line to read it, i would have included them in a group mail, but i did not because this is joe's mail. you are doing this on all folks. don't equate sending an e-mail with sending a letter to the post office. i do not expect my mailman to open it and read it before the guy gets it. and i do not expect as resip yen of the e-mail that i am faish fair game, now i have to live with privacy invasions that come any time i open something from someone that uses egail s g mail, are you kidding me? only from a company that makes goofy glasses can you get a policy that proves that executives' heads are up their ass. sorry, not really, but really. maybe the g mail account holders who sign up for this but for
, it is obsolete, and if i am attacking u.s., do i attack the port or an allie or the nazdaq? >> you think there was some what of a concerted effort of a variety of folks with bad intentions. >> oh, yeah, are you kidding me, i've talked to people in the administration where they said, what do you think your biggest threat is. if i want to destabilize the economy of the u.s., i set up a fund, and go i through a couple years of trading alga rythm, i have a fat finger knowing it will trigg downstream 20 bad events we saw a na nazdaq freez, and we've seen a flash crash. are not that big into the market. >> no. i sat in a group this week with entrepreneurs and small business people, i said which do you think is more stable, gives you a better with more tra transpar, vegas in the casino or stock market. it was 100%. vegas and t casino. peop do not trust the second stock ansecondstock any more --e any more, they don't trust it. there is no system that cannot be hacked. right now or stock markets are no longer built to be sources of capital. they are now platforms for hackers, i don't just mean ne
. that is the good news. here's the bad. he still wants the government to have a role in the u.s. mortgage market, a backstop, as he calls it. isn't that what caused the problem in the first place, the government acting as a guarantor of the back mortgages. does not automatically make folks to provide the more reckless? get the big guy cking me have. then they tell their easily hoodwinked customers that the government is backing you up, too. i don't think so. especially now that t housi seems to be on firmer footing, what better time to loosen the government constraints. that the free-market decide state. technique rarely if ever works. one thing that is clear, the role that government played for years magically propping things up, not releasing the system, gumming the system, and all but making housing not a goal of medan near our birthright. i commend the president for taking of the training wheels. the problem of -- the problem is he took off only one wheel. my father did that, but i just thought it was a cruel joke. now made billions of it and getting off it. always with uncanny timing. he so
is joining us, steve, the fallout will be quicken to the markets. >> it could be, not just a question of whether obamacare gets funded. neil: it is more uncertainty. >> like so much. there was an expression we heard something is critical but not serious, that meant that there is a lot of horrible things that could happen. but we can take care of it we're not in that situation any more, it is critical, it is critical. not just going on with the president and congress but in syria, what is going on in egypt, which affects oil prices, and it is what is going on in the markets today, gold is up, oil is up, stocks are down. what more evidence do you need than something is wrong? it is also who'll be running the federal reserve, when was last time in this country, where we had a lame duck chairman of the federal reserve. neil: you have a lot of uucertainty, but i want to go back to health care thing, at very least it could point to a bumpy fall in terms was not getting a budget, a potential shut down, a debt limit quack meyer, how much -- quagmire how much of a concern is that for you? >> i
the ball moving. another temporary extension to get us over to the next like so many we have seen before. that rattles us from corporate america standpoint. because we never get to the core of our problems. we keep kicking the proverbial can on the road. >> i have mixed feelings about that. neil: do you think that he is moving to dispirit these issues? >> i think he is spearheading him come actually. more squabbling among the american people, to presidents we have been listening to partisan bickering. i'm sure it is eager for new members. when you think about? >> i thought that it was ignorance or hypocritical. they will be worse off, they're these people on welfare -- it's been going on for 40 years and it's not going to to change. >> nasdaq shut down on the bus. they have been kind of doing okay with all the bumps. >> you think it's missing something? >> i think that there is a reason. our dollar is not worth what it used to be. we have a manufacturing company that should become more competitive. so not smaller and more conservative companies hunkering down. neil: will we thank you for
meanwhile, that's all for tonight's "willis report," i'm dennis kneale. thanks for joining us. lou: the house taking on obamacare. navigating to push and coax americas into obamacare. an essay now capable of are treating 75% of all internet traffic. the irs going after tax exempt groups. they president bypassing congress to push a cell phone tax to pay for internet in all schools. a senate majority leader determined to up the running. especially all this week. it has me feeling very weak. so much big government firing on so many fronts that it amazes me that republicans have all but raised the right flag. the speakers proposing a punch. we will get into it later. the reality is right now. the air but government is back with a vengeance. and doesn't give a darn how much you complain welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. we don't stand a chance. now we have a congress that doesn't only take a pass on spending, but a president who bypasses them altogether when it comes to taxes. the fallout for you is startling. with me now is a guy whose temper is kind of short tonight. tj, it's alway
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 65 (some duplicates have been removed)

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